John Henry Newman and his idea of the university in the 21st century

John Henry Newman and his idea of the university in the 21st century 6016 4016 José David Castellanos


Autores: Miguel Ángel Rumayor Fernández

ABSTRACT: This article addresses some current aspects about the university in the educational philosophy of John Henry Newman. Specifically, the paper will try to demonstrate how the ideas of this English thinker are valid in order to reorient the conceptual crisis in which this institution is nowadays embedded. From Newman’s point of view, there is an initial discussion of the problems associated to the educational pragmatism that invades university classrooms, and the orientation of students towards the labor market. On the other hand, the importance and necessity of truth in the classrooms and the prestige of the teacher as a committed guide in search of it will be clarified. Both ideas defended by Newman have disappeared from many western universities of our time, with the negative consequences that this loss entails. In addition, Newman proposes the promotion and development of the minds of university students through the lessons they are taught. This will take place in every discipline through what this author calls the development of the «philosophical habit», which will also be explained in this document: an approach to subjects beyond their technical and useful dimensions, creating in the mind of the students a true interdisciplinary of sciences. Once this goal is achieved, according to the liberal university promoted by Newman, the members of the academic community will be able to personally link to the so-called free knowledge and the personal benefits of academic life. They will be building a true alma mater university, which will expand and gain prestige from the service it provides to society.

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Autor UP: Miguel Ángel Rumayor
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